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2415 W Jefferson St, Philadelphia PA, 19121
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Licensed Electrician in Montgomery County, PA

Our tight-knit group of well-trained, expert electricians in Montgomery County, PA are licensed and insured in accordance with all local laws and industry standards. It is very important to us at FMJ Electrical that all our technicians are in full compliance with all legal standards and practices before we ever touch any electrical components in your home. We value your safety and want you to feel completely secure when you welcome us into your home to take care of your electrical maintenance, repairs, and installations.

At FMJ Electrical, our team of electricians provide expert-level service to residents in Montgomery County, PA.

We Provide Lighting Upgrades Including Recessed & Landscape Lighting

Your lighting is one of the most important aspects of your entire property, and that includes both your indoor and outdoor fixtures. The right lighting upgrades can dramatically alter the entire look of your home or your yard. Just think of the aesthetic flair that recessed lighting can add to your newly-remodeled kitchen. Or, imagine beautiful landscape lighting dotting your walkway, leading up to your front porch. Walkway lighting installation is one of our specialties. Our electricians in Delaware County, PA and Montgomery County, PA have extensive experience providing landscape lighting installations and other exterior lighting installations.

Landscape lighting installations, recessed lighting installations, and walkway lighting installations jobs are just some of the work that our electricians provide. We are also skilled at the installation of pendant lighting, ceiling fans with light fixtures, wall sconces, and track lighting.

There are many more reasons to consider upgrading your lighting besides general aesthetics or simple remodeling, however. Here are some other factors to take into consideration:

recessed lighting installation montgomery county pa

Do You Need an Electrical Contractor In Montgomery County, PA?

As your local electricians in Montgomery County, PA, we want you to know that when it comes to quick and efficient installation of landscape lighting, recessed lighting, walkway lighting, you can always count on us. Every FMJ Electrical electrician in Blue Bell, PA is also skilled at all kinds of electrical installations, maintenance, and repair. Contact us today for an estimate.