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2415 W Jefferson St, Philadelphia PA, 19121
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Electrical Contractor in West Chester, PA

Whether you're looking for an electrician who can help with new construction, or a professional to fix an outlet or electrical panel, FMJ Electrical is the company to call. Our team has provided service to the West Chester, PA and Glen Mills, PA area for years, and we would love to help you with your electrical problems.

Reliable Electrical Services in Glen Mills, PA

If you own a home in Glen Mills, PA or West Chester, PA, you know how important steady, safe electricity is to the functioning of your property. Not having electrical service is more than just a minor inconvenience; it can bring your work and lifestyle to a grinding stop. Our team offers reliable services that provide safe and reliable electrical solutions.

Inspections and Repairs

All too often, our West Chester, PA and Glen Mills, PA clients get to know their local electrician when an outlet or panel in their home stops working. While this is usually the result of aging wires and connections, many people don’t recognize the very subtle signs that their home has electrical problems. Left unrepaired, electrical issues can cause much more serious issues, including a total loss of electric service to a building or even electrical fires.

Fortunately, it’s possible to know about any issues that your building may have by scheduling an appointment for a safety inspection with a licensed electrician. During an inspection, one of our trained and licensed electricians will thoroughly examine your wiring and panels, looking for signs of damage that could cause problems down the road.

In the event that an FMJ electrician finds something, we will be happy to give you a quote to fix the issue. Our quotes come with no obligation.

New Construction

If you’re building a new home or putting an addition on to an existing structure, state law requires that your wiring be installed by a licensed electrician. Fortunately, at FMJ Electrical we have years of experience in new construction work. From pulling permits to the final inspection, our electrician in Paoli, PA will provide you with service at a reasonable price.

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Contact Us Today To Schedule An Appointment!

If you are having issues with switches or outlets that aren't working, or that seem to turn themselves off and on, or if you're looking to construct a new room or building and need someone to run the wiring, give us a call. We have years of experience providing inspection, repair, and new construction services to residents throughout West Chester, PA and Glen Mills, PA.

The technicians at FMJ Electrical will love to talk to you about your properties repair, construction, or inspection needs. Contact us today.