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Electric Vehicle Charging Station  Installation Services in Philadelphia, PA

In order for your car to kick on when you’re experiencing an unexpected power outage it needs to be properly wired to your home’s main electrical panel. The general electricians at FMJ Electrical  install the power lines for both standby and portal charging stations  to connect with your electric panel. After the set up and wiring installation are complete, our residential electricians run tests to ensure it is operating properly and that there are no issues with the power connection from the panel to the charging station. Call our professional Charging station electricians for easy installation of quiet, powerful and durable charging stations from the most trusted brands in the industry.

Electric Car charging station Electrician in Philadelphia

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular every day. Auto industry analysts and economic experts are estimating that by 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet will be electric vehicles. Many Americans have already made the switch to a hybrid solution. If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or a hybrid car, you will need to learn about electric vehicle charging stations.

The need for electric vehicle charging stations will continue to evolve. These charging stations are being installed in many places including homes, shopping districts, gas stations, travel centers, schools, universities and more. Adding a charging station will increase the value to your facility and demonstrate your commitment to environmental awareness. FMJ, professionally installs electric vehicle charging stations quickly and affordably!

Electric Car charging station

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or a hybrid car, having an electric vehicle charging station installed on your property is essential. Owners of electric vehicles do more than 80% of their car charging at home. This is more often than not the least expensive option! FMJ is a certified installer of both Tesla and ChargePoint chargers. We’d be happy to help you get ready to travel in renewable energy style!

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Always Hire a Professionals

With more and more consumers and employees purchasing electric vehicles, installing an EV charging station at your office, store, or restaurant demonstrates your commitment to your employees’ wellbeing and your customers’ satisfaction. You also show your dedication to environmental awareness, something that becomes more and more important to consumers every day!

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